Start Cod 4 server updating

Cod 4 server updating

- Open C:/Program Files/Activision on your pc, and copy/paste the Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare folder to C:\ on your hard drive.. - Open the cod4 folder and delete the following folders and files (Highlighted Green) You do not need to upload these files, it will save you 1.25GB: - Open the C:\cod4\pb folder and delete everything.

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It is critical that the naming and file structure remain intact, do not change anything.

This will take quite a few hours, so time it so it does not interfere with your normal pc usage.

You do not have to do anything else at this time, but you will have to add cfg's and cheat detection checks later.

- Before you do anything else, create a copy of the cod4 folder using copy/paste. - Right click the iw3file and select "Create Shortcut". - Right click the new shortcut and select Properties.

Leetmod brings many new features and fixes upon COD4 patch 1.7. am Posted by Improved configuration interface and many new menus to set the game the way you and your friends want to play it.